Momtrepreneur confessions – I’m getting married again!!!

Mommy is getting married again! With that said, I’m feeling guilty, like I’ve cheated on my family. I cheated them out of the full attention they deserve  but in the end, we shall all benefit. At least that is my hope. I say hope because on the other-side of hope is despair. Despair that you put it all on the line, your best efforts, resources and time and you just fail!Simply embarrass yourself to the world.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself, questioning whether I have what it takes. Am I even equipped to begin or even complete this journey? Will I bankrupt the family of time and resources that could have best been placed elsewhere? What will people say about this scandalous potential marriage? A blogger…what the heck, why that? Or will they be jealous because of its sexy, and appealing like the new ‘it thing’ on the block?

It takes courage to date the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, and guts to commit to it like a marriage.  Will I get the love and support of family or friends needed to nurture this courtship? Or as life sometimes shows, that in your most difficult times, it’s the mercy of strangers that welcomes you with arms wide open. Will this end in bliss or as a bitter divorce? But marriage isn’t meant to end in reverse, but until death do us part. Who knows, everybody knows but nobody really knows, how life will deal with them. Sometimes choices have permanent consequences that trickles beneath what the naked eye can see.

Can I be the wife my future groom expects me to be? I confess that I am scared…scared to know and even more scared to find out. I hid for so long…I delayed and delayed until I couldn’t have delayed it anymore. Right now, my life is a mess, chaotic and sleepless but I guess now is the time, the best time to begin and chip away at this dream. It’s like I’m gradually inching towards tying my professional and personal passions into one matrimonial union.

For now the wedding date is unknown until a matter of time. Everyone is invited but invitations don’t translate into guests. I guess I’ll see who shows up. Will the wedding ceremony be filled with….friends….acquaintances….or complete strangers? Who knows…everybody knows but nobody really knows……..(to be continued!). #staytuned #itscomplicated #confessionsofamomtrepreneur


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