The best surprise in Dehli yyj

What are the odds of winning a Facebook competition? I’m not even sure but when I returned to work in July, some of my colleagues kept raving about the amazing food at Delhi Deli; located at the corner of Government and Bay St Victoria, BC. One day, I saw a Facebook post to like and share the picture to win free lunch at Delhi Deli. I was like ‘who would pass up the opportunity to win a free lunch these days??’ Certainly not me!

A few weeks later, when I was notified by the owner that I had won the competition, I was like..NO WAY, I don’t usually win anything! In haste and excitement, that same day I went to Dehli Deli to collect the prize. I met the owners Baljeet and her partner Jason, and was pleasantly astonished of how fun loving and cool they both are. I adored the decor, it had this warm Caribbean vibe but styled with Indian flair.

Baljeet greeted me with such an upbeat welcome. Somehow she had a sixth sense that I was the winner of Facebook competition coming to collect the prize. I learned that she had immigrated to Canada from India when she was a child. Today, she is living a daring dream of co-owning Delhi Deli restaurant with her partner Jason. They had moved from Toronto back to Victoria to begin an adventurous chapter of their life and now found themselves in the restaurant business. This is not Baljeet’s first time in the food business as she has had previous kitchen experience working in a food truck which main customers were employed in the vibrant Toronto film industry.

Interestingly, both Jason and Baljeet played roles as stand-ins and actors in the film industry which was quite incredible to learn from the pictures on the walls.


Over the years, they have rubbed shoulders with many famous actors such as Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Bacon and many more. I could only imagine how fascinating this type of work was just by looking at the pictures on the wall. On another interesting note, Jason also initiated the which definitely explains their chill, welcoming vibe and pleasant personality and has recently started the Vancouver Island Reggae Facebook page. 

With the prize, I treated my life companion for lunch on his birthday. He loved the butter chicken and rice combo that he got and ate everything on the plate! Jason and Baljeet catered to our every need making it a special occasion for us, which  indeed was a rare opportunity for us to sit and eat together as a couple. The experience felt like I was having lunch at a good friend’s house. Of course we all know that free lunch is the best lunch! One day, I hope that you will get to experience this divine restaurant and order any meal with the butter chicken! My husband and I both highly recommend the food and atmosphere of this place, we give it 4/5. Best of all, for all of you HONY fans, I found a Humans of New York book there to read.

For this random experience of winning an online competition, it provided me with an important reminder, you can always find positive inspirations to get through whatever season of your life you are in. Baljeet inspired me as a woman and fellow immigrant top be courageous and just go after your dreams. One day…at the right time, in the right season our whatever it may be..goals, dreams, passion pursuits…will all come realization. Looking at Jason and Baljeet’s photos and listening to their life stories reminded me of why it is important to live your life to fullest and have fun while you are doing it.

Here are some pictures of this experience. I encourage you to treat yourself or someone you love to some delicious butter chicken from Delhi Deli. Baljeet is still amazed at how customers can’t seem to get enough it, which makes butter chicken a best seller on their menu. #thankyouandyou’rewelcome. #yougottaeathere!



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