The Heart behind Immigrant Mom Blog

I enjoy living a life of purpose! Blogging has opened that door for me. As an immigrant, a mother and wife living in a country very different from my home, this phase of my life has brought me to a place where I would like to talk about things or situations that affect us all as immigrants from a personal perspective.

Looking back at my life, during difficult times, writing helped to calm my fears. It became a treasured outlet of release and helped me to connect better with God. I immigrated to to the West Coast of Canada 9 years ago just for school but the journey has evolved to much more. Everyday comes with some sweet rewards and hard truths as life here is far from predictable, steady or routine. I hope to share these accomplishments and difficult realities of this journey for others to learn and grow through their own experiences. Each new day brings a learn opportunity.

Through this blog, my hope is to inspire people:

  • to wake-up and start moving towards great things (whatever those great things are),
  • to connect people to products, resources or services within Greater Victoria and/or beyond
  • to be encouraged and celebrate the entrepreneurial endeavors and  passion pursuits of others
  • to share about the struggle and joys of raising a family in a culture and country different of my own
  • learn to enjoy life, laugh more and take it one day at a time

As this is a one year project, in which I am 5 months into it, we will see how far this goes and what will be the final vision or verdict of this journey. So stay tuned and follow Immigrant Mom Blog on Facebook.


Photo Credit – Ruchi Saran



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