5 Years, 5 Thoughts on Marriage

There is a saying that goes ‘love not tested is love not true’. The tests could be the various challenges a relationship has to face and endure, whether it would be sickness, finances, and what else comes to pass. 

In April, we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. After five years we reflected on the lessons we have learned in this journey of our lives. Here are our five thoughts on marriage:

  1. Marriage teaches you to be selfless. Marriage with kids, even more so.
  2. That phrase for better or for worse is no lie. As with every relationship, you have to gives things up to gain something else. Giving up dreams, goals, wants and needs aren’t easy, in fact it hurts sometimes but still you have to persevere.
  3. Learn to become one unit. This also takes time. Sometimes being close to someone can put you in vulnerable position as it creates dependency. But that dependecy can become a strength and purpose for the journey. 
  4. Marriage is a decision with lasting consequences. Especially if there are kids involved. Decisions made have to benefit the family and consider its wellbeing and purpose.
  5. Utilize resources that will build up yourself and your marriage. I find the resources from Focus on the Family awesome for this. Check out the website http://www.focusonthefamily.ca. The radio broadcast is great too!

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